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What We Do


We educate students and communities through our unique grassroots format.  Post-secondary student

volunteerslearn about development, sustainability, and Lao culture, all while problem solving and working

with villagersand leaders.  Primary students are exposed to educational games, reading, and greater resources. 

Community members learn income generation techniques and receive training on topics related to

sustainability and preservation of Laotian culture.  


We engage students with one another, with rural villagers, with village teachers and administrators, with

international workers and students, and with leaders of non-governmental organizations and private businesses. 


We empower communities by developing critical thinking and entrepreneurship skills, leadership potential,

and experience with knowledge that the students will use in their roles as the future leaders of Laotian society.  














What We Do Not Do


We do not reinvent the wheel- we collaborate with groups and organizations that are already doing great work. 


We do not waste resources- we use public spaces and existing temples, schools, and non-formal education community learning centers; we recycle, reuse, and utilize local sustainable resources whenever possible. 


We do not preach Western ways- we utilize local experts and local resources that are sustainable and customary to Laotian traditions. 


We do not evangelize- we are not a religious organization; we embrace local religious practices and use them in our curriculum and work with villagers.    

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